Utility FAQ's

1. What is required to turn the water on temporarily so I can clean an empty house or do some maintenance?

The city will set up a temporary account for two weeks for a $50 fee.

2. I have one account with the city already. What does it take for me to establish an additional account at another address?

You can set up additional accounts by placing a deposit ($200 plus $45 (within city limits) or $65 (outside of city limits) for each account.

3. I had a leak, can I get an adjustment on my water bill?

The city typically will not make adjustments but will set up a payment plan of up to three months for large balances.

4. Does the city make exceptions in hardship cases?

The city will work with any customer that is experiencing difficulty paying. In no case are charges reduced or eliminated for hardship reasons.

5. I want service but I have a delinquent bill from an old account. How can I get service?

Pay the past due amount and put up a normal deposit (The normal deposit for a residential account is currently $200 plus connect fee os $45 (within the city limits) or $65 (outside city limits).

6. My water was cut-off and the Utility Billing Department is telling me that I have to pay a larger amount to re-establish service. Why?

After a meter is cut-off, we wait 5-7 days to hear from the customer. If the customer has not contacted us, we pull the meter from the ground and final out the account. If the customer has a deposit, it is applied to the account. To re-establish service, the customer must pay the old account in full, pay a $45 inside city limits or $65 outside city limits connect fee, and post a normal deposit. (A normal deposit for a residential customer is currently $200).

7. Can I turn the water back on myself?

Only after authorization from the Utility Billing Department. Tampering with a water meter could cause damage to the gate valve. Also, turning a meter on without authorization is considered theft.

8. My water has been cut-off. How do I re-establish service?

The past due amount must be paid plus a $45 inside city limits or $65 outside city limits reconnect fee. Your water will be turned back on the same day if the payment is received before 3 p.m.

9. Why was I not notified in person before my water was cut-off?

The city sends out a your bill on the 1st of each month and a late notice on the 15th of each month. The late notice telling you the amount is due before cut off is the only notification you will receive. Our meter crew is instructed to turn off the water. They are not allowed to collect payment in the field nor are they authorized to negotiate terms to re-establish service.

10. I will not be able to pay my water bill before the cut-off date. What should I do?

Call City Hall 903-778-2525.

11. I paid my bill so why did I receive a late notice?

We either received your payment after the disconnect notices were printed or we did not receive it at all. Call the Utility Billing Department at 903-778-2525 to make sure your payment arrived. This is the only notice you will receive.

12. Are there ways to conserve water?

Yes. The city has information on how to conserve water at your home or your business. Using less water lowers your monthly bills and delays the need for the city to spend money on additional water production and distribution facilities.

13. Why is my bill so high this month?

There could be several reasons for abnormally high water use. Among them are:

  1. Watering the yard and landscaping
  2. A change in the number of people living in the household
  3. A leak in the plumbing system, fixture, or water using appliance
  4. A faulty water meter
  5. An incorrect meter reading

If you suspect a bad meter or an incorrect reading, call the Utility Billing Department at 903-778-2525.

14. Why are my sewer charges higher than my water charges?

It is less expensive to operate a water system in this area than a sewer system. Surface water is readily available and it requires a multi-stage process to filter out the impurities and clean the water to the standards required by the State.

15. Does the city pay interest on my deposit?

The city does not pay interest on deposits. Most deposits are $200 and any interest earned would be minimal when you deduct the costs to manage the program. The interest earned on deposits is used to help pay the costs of operating the water and sewer utility which helps maintain our low rates.

16. When will I get my deposit back?

Your deposit will be refunded to you after your deposit is applied to any unpaid balance. The remaining amount will be mailed to the forwarding address that you supply us.

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