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The mission of the Trinidad Police Department is to develop and maintain a safe and secure environment through high quality law enforcement services.  These services are to be delivered in a courteous, fair and consistent manner to meet the needs of our small town and to develop professionally as our town becomes a progressive and dynamic city.


HONESTY in all deeds
RESPECT for each person
TRUSTWORTHY in every situation
JUSTICE shown to everyone
COURTESY as a basic attitude

As the Police Department serves our community we emphasize:

  • A Service Orientation - Responsiveness to our community needs by quality of service and respect for the dignity of the human spirit.
  • Enforcement of Law - The enforcement of laws and ordinances and to uphold the Constitutional rights of all those within our jurisdiction.
  • Maintain Order - Through vigilance assure the day-to-day activities of the community may proceed in an environment of stability and security.
  • Educate the Public - Enhance the public's awareness of crime information and educate the general public in crime related matters.
  • Provide Public Assistance - To respond to non-criminal or non-emergency concerns such as traffic control, suspicious circumstances, possible safety hazards, other citizen requests for assistance and to provide referral and direction to resolve non-criminal problems through local social/humanistic services.