Government City Council Agendas NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING

Notice is hereby given to owners of property described or referred to and all other persons as provided by law that the City Council will hold a Public Hearing, Tuesday, June 16, 2020, 5:30 p.m. at City Hall at 212 Park Street, Trinidad, Texas, to consider applications concerning changes in zoning ordinances on the property hereinafter described and at which time and place all interested persons will be given an opportunity to be heard.

Application for a change in zoning of R-1 Single Family Residential
District with a Special Use permit to allow the placement of a mobile home
on 0.581, Lot: LT 3 & LTS 4-6, AB 17 N ADDISON SUR, H D PULLEY, PT OF LT 3 &
LTS 4-6, REF: FORMERLY D C LEGG LT 72located on 314 Lawrence St., Trinidad, Texas

Applicant: Ned and Myrna Womack