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Trinidad Economic Development Committee PDF Print E-mail

Committee founded 1997
Industrial Park bought/established 2/2001
Land (28.12 ac.), road, septic, water via grants
Clear Mask bought lot 1.51ac 9/2004
Verizon leased lot 2/2003
Steve Grant Realtor hired for sell of IP properties 8/2008

Town Hall Meeting, April 29, held in conjunction with the City Council, to address "Beautification of Trinidad" in hopes of making the town more presentable for future businesses and home owners.

Announcement letters had been sent to our local churches, word of mouth, article in the Malakoff paper, and signs of the upcoming meeting were our methods of making our citizens aware of the meeting.) 31 townspeople were present.

We shared our concern for increasing community pride. Those present were asked, "Why have I chosen Trinidad as my hometown"; encouraged everyone to keep his/her area picked up; voiced concerns with areas being dealt with thru City Ordinance violations (trashed yards, burned out houses, abandoned vehicles, etc); challenged local beautification through planting flowers/trees throughout the city.

Had sign up sheets for the following committees: 1) Town Cleanup; 2) Flower/Tree Gardening; 3) New City Signage; 4) Volunteering with Churches for Emergency Needs; and 5) Building Trojan Pride - an area adoption program to keep a street or area picked up of trash for 6 months.

Anticipated response: - hopeful.


May 20, 2010: Letter/petition mailed to Verizon on concerns with reception for community. (181 signatures) May 26, 2010 spoke with Verizon Representative Jesse Brown as follow up to his visit to the City. He stated was in the area to see need for himself. Stated the company is in the middle of a 3G changeover and he would be getting back to us in regard to the needs of Trinidad

May 2010: Researched and requested forms, with the assistance of Helen Covey, for a grant to assist in building an additional street at our Industrial Park. Mike Tibbits is assisting in completion of forms. TXDOT rep. Larry Krantz (903.510.9267 Tyler) shared average daily Hwy 31/274 traffic numbers with research in the Traffic Count Map and the State Wide Flowband Map of TX.

May 27, 2010: Had a ribbon cutting at The Corner Stone Shoppe, owner Carolyn Sawtelle, with follow up picture/announcement in the Malakoff News, Athens Review, and The Monitor. Plans are to do ribbon cuttings at the "Jamboree", Bike Shop, and Clear Mask.

April 2011: Tike/Bike, Hwy 31, business open yet not wanting ribbon cutting.

May 2011: Shell Station, Hwy 31, business open. Began discussion with Mike Tibbets on waste to energy project. Mailed 100+ letters, over a month period, to confirm interest.
October 2011: Feedback in reference to waste to energy project continues to be positive. Call to Family Dollar Store Rep. resulted in Billy Roy saying he would begin process to see if Trinidad would qualify.

Nov. 2011: Mike met with Texas Corrections regarding Waste to Energy project. He reported a positive response. Felt it would take time on them responding yet will follow up.

Dec. 2011: Jim Elliott, of Cedar Creek Brewery, came to our regular meeting sharing plans to have a Brewhouse in Trinidad. As the month progressed, we, the TEDC, began works on a proposal of building a 50x100 building on the industrial park site with lease to own offer. Research is in process for accomplishing this. Mr. Elliott has agreed to sign a "Letter of Intent". Cox Construction approached the City in regard to the lot at Oak and Hwy 31 to place one 30x50 and two 30x40 buildings for rent, with plans to add four more sometime in the future. He has purchased the City permit and has been put in contact with the City Inspector.

Jan: 2012: Due to time being an obstacle with Cedar Creek Brewery it was agreed between Jim Elliott and the TEDC to halt the plans on building. In Mr. Elliott's plans to reinvestigate the possibility of "lease to own" of an existing building located in Trinidad, the TEDC will offer a business incentive of $4000.00 to be used to make the building workable for his business. This agreement did not happen.

Feb: 2012: Petition collected with 500 + signatures and mailed to Billy Roy of ALTECH, INC. General Contractors, 8530 W. New Boston Rd., Texarkana, TX 75501. This was to show Trinidad's interest in a FAMILY DOLLAR STORE in Trinidad. In having spoken with Mr. Roy over the next three months, there had been no decision to place a store here in Trinidad. He did agree to contact GENERAL DOLLAR and share the petition.

April 2012: TEDC was informed by City Engineer that the Green Energy project has been tabled at this time due to a lack of sponsorships. TEDC began actively researching names of property owners on Hwy 31 within Trinidad to have an "available commercial properties" list for future interested business. TEDC began looking at park restrictions in regard to grounds and buildings. TEDC began discussion of and obtaining ideas for signage for TEDC Industrial Park.

May 2012: Continued Hwy 31's "available commercial properties" list and signage project.

January 2014: Signed with David Dike, Real Estate Broker, Dike Financial Service, Inc., Ft. Worth, Texas: Dollar General/ Vaquero Ventures; Republic Title for plans of the Dollar General at corner of Oak and Hwy 31 in the TEDC Business Park.

March 2014: Ribbon cutting at Westt Hair Co, 219 Parks St. Request posted in "The News".

April 2014: Approved Option1: Phase 2 layout, with Mike Tibbets, Hayter Engineering, for TEDC Business Park. Charles Edwards, Research Management, is to begin search for grants to assist.

October 2014: Closing on property sale to Vaquero Ventures; Republic Title for plans of the Dollar General at corner of Oak and Hwy 31 in the TEDC Business Park. Land clearing began the next week.